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Charity launches new advert appeal

ONE OF the UK's oldest animal welfare charities, The Blue Cross, has launched a new advertising campaign to increase support of its work amongst pet lovers around the country.
The campaign is underpinned by the charity's new strapline - 'All in the name of love' - which is designed to communicate The Blue Cross's compassion for animals and dedication to helping thousands of pets and people every year.

Tony Samuel, Blue Cross Marketing & Fundraising Director, said: ‘For 110 years, The Blue Cross has been caring for pets and their owners, helping thousands of animals to live healthy, fulfilling lives in loving homes. This ad campaign tells the story of three Blue Cross animals who have been given a second chance in life with our help. We hope that the ads will reach many pet loving people who share our beliefs and may want to support our cause.’

The ads tell the true stories of three animals who have been helped in different ways by the charity: Coco, a tiny kitten who was rejected by her mother and nursed back to health in a Blue Cross hospital; Woody, an abandoned pup who was taught to trust people again by a Blue Cross behaviourist; and Ben, a loveable rogue who was rehomed by The Blue Cross into a family where he became the perfect canine companion for their young son.

The press campaign will roll out over the next six months, targeting national and consumer press including the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Reader's Digest and Radio Times. Readers are encouraged to call or place an online order for a free 'Little Blue Book' - a fun guide to pet ownership which also introduces The Blue Cross and its work.

The new adverts and a preview of the Little Blue Book can be viewed ON THE blue Cross website at: