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First KC award for Accredited training

The Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour (KCAI) has accredited 25 of its members to date, and Peter Lewis has become the first member to gain Kennel Club Accreditation for ‘Behavioural Training’.

Peter has been involved with d ogs all his life; he has trained his own dogs and taught others at the highest level in Agility, Obedience, Good Citizen Dog Scheme and Working Trials. Peter has also been involved in the development of Heelwork to Music, persuading Mary Ray to make her demonstrations a competition. The accreditation scheme is a points based modular training and assessment programme for anyone involved in the teaching and instructing of handlers/owners of dogs at any level, and as such, Peter rightly deserved the high scores that reflect his considerable contribution to the world of dog’s over many years.

The public and professionals should be aware that, under the Accreditation Scheme, fully Accredited Instructors are entitled to use the initials KCAI. They have met the exacting criteria set, have successfully completed an oral and practical assessment, have at least five years practical instructing experience, a broad knowledge of dog training skills, activities and disciplines and a good understanding of dog and human psychology. They actively promote responsible dog ownership, and remain subject to continual professional development and the Kennel Club Code of Practice for Instructors.

Said Bill Hardaway, Chairman of the KCAI Accreditation Board, "Peter and I first met about forty years ago when we were both competing in Working Trials. During the intervening years it has been my pleasure and privilege to work with Peter in various capacities at the Kennel Club. These include the Working Trials Council which we both had the honour of chairing, the WTOA Sub-Committee, the Good Citizen.

Working Party and the KCAI. Peter’s ability as a trainer has been proven where it cannot be challenged; in the field of competition. Beyond that, he has always impressed by his depth of thought and willingness to expand accepted boundaries, whatever the matter under consideration.

This attribute, coupled with the ability to articulate his conclusions, has made him a valued member of any team. At Crufts, I was delighted to present Peter with his certificate, the first to be awarded in this discipline, to mark his Accreditation in Behavioural Training, a subject to which he has devoted many years of study." Said Peter Lewis, ‘’My involvement with many com
petitive disciplines, more or less one after the other, gave me a constant new hill to climb. Why? Because, as mountaineers would say, it was there. I suppose it was also a search for more knowledge.

However it is nothing compared with the last 20 years of my life where I have been privileged to have the vet’s confidence to be able to solve the problems their clients have had with their dogs. Rosettes, prize cards, trophies and being the judge at a big final fall into insignificance when compared with the smile on the face of the pet dog owner when you can show them the way out of the problem. This scheme has long been needed and I commend it to all dog-training teachers, so that soon the public will know if we have or have not achieved our kite mark! Remember we never stop learning!’’

For more information on the scheme please contact Sue Evans. Tel: 020 7518 1039