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Findings include:

*Enormous gaps in industry records of the numbers of greyhounds that are bred for racing, involved or injured in racing, that are rehomed when retiring from racing, or that are euthanaised when coming to the end of their racing careers.

*Approximately 2,500 of the greyhound puppies bred for racing each year in England never make it to the track. Most dogs are bred in Ireland, however, and so the true number of young dogs who never race will by much higher. A significant number of these young dogs will be killed each year between the age of 16 weeks and 15 months.

*Additionally at least 4,700 retiring greyhounds (out of at least 11,000 dogs who retire from National Greyhound Racing Club registered tracks every year) may be killed each year at the age of three or four. Unknown numbers may also be killed when they retire from independent tracks.
APGAW’s recommendations include:

*A correctly constituted and broad system of regulation be introduced for all greyhound racing and one set of national standards that apply to all. Animal welfare organisations, greyhound vets and representatives from those greyhound tracks that are currently independent should play an equal role in the current body that regulates the greyhound racing industry.

* DEFRA should investigate the number of dogs that are being transported in both directions between Ireland and England as well as the conditions under which those dogs are being transported.

* A reduction in the number of dogs the industry uses by reorganising the racing calendar. The greyhound industry should be required by law to record and publish annual injuries to greyhounds on a central database.