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Would you qualify for all three Accredited Breeder accolades?

All breeders who joined the Accredited Breeder Scheme between July 2006 and the end of February this year will be listed in the forthcoming June edition of the Kennel Gazette. Details of the Accolades that have been assigned to the breeders, taken from the information held on file at the time of going to press, will appear as symbols next to each breeder’s name.

The Accolade system was introduced last year to help inform potential puppy buyers of a member’s experience in breeding litters, success at having dogs they have bred listed in the Kennel Club Stud Book, and membership of one or more breed club.
Further lists of breeders who have joined the Scheme will continue to appear in subsequent editions of the Gazette.

Accredited Breeders who wish to check their accolade details, or to update the information held by the Kennel Club, should contact the ABS Coordinator by email on or by telephone on 020 7518 1015.

Breeders wishing to join the scheme need to complete an application form and sign the declaration contained therein. Application forms are available from the Kennel Club website,, from the Kennel Club stand at Championship Shows or by ringing the Kennel Club on 0870 6066750.