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Obituary - Edward Harris

It is my honour to write this in memory of my son, Edward Harris (Zarcrest), canine photographer.

Edward arrived on a beautiful sunny Sunday just in time for his lunch, this sums up Edward as he grew and developed into the person many of you are so fond of, warm, sunny and beautiful.
He was a happy toddler, in fact I have no memory of him ever crying, just laughter for all around him. Even with the Leukemia, ‘it’s just bacteria and bugs that can be beaten’ he said, he came through his treatment with tremendous courage and offered support to older people in the local community that faced chemotherapy. They always said ‘his attitude was like a breath of fresh air’.
He was lucky to be given a computer which had helped through the lonely times of an immune suppressed disease and was never far away from his most comical side at his PC in his fun and sometimes cheeky editing of photographs.

He adored books especially the ‘Harry Potter’ series and loved the magical side to life, hence the reason for his Border Collie to be called Potter. Still with this magical imagination as he grew up he went on to become a big fan of the TV series ‘Charmed’ and this was where the name for his first longhaired bitch came from, ‘Paige’ as she had at the time red hair also.

As he was growing up, he was nicknamed ‘Squirrel’ for he used to find and hide items like diamond rings and false teeth where no one could locate them; he was even caught with empty wine bottles under the bed.

Some of his favourite pastimes were visiting a garden centre, investigating the advancement of technology and watching films especially ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. He also enjoyed learning all about his childhood passion for crystals and their healing properties along with the possibility that there maybe a higher form of life and his belief that one maybe after what we know as death. He was in fact a very spiritual being with simple, uncomplicated values.

As his age advanced towards maturity, he was excellent at relationships and was a good listener to anyone whom had problems or pain.

Other animals in his life were the ‘Cotswold’ sheep that he bred and the Alpacas, but none were quite the same as his golden girls. His first registered longhaired was in partnership with his brother and was Zarcrest Oh Gosh I’m Posh, (pictured). ‘Posh’ as he named her another ‘P’ word gave him lots of pleasure with her continued collection of successes in the show ring (he handled her himself) because he wanted to do it right from the bottom so he could understand all of the emotions and hardships that went into making his work.

He had begun his judging career as well, down in the South of England and had been supported with a superb entry in November 2006.

After spending a short time in South Africa as a small boy, Edward was educated at Llanfechain Primary and Llanfyllin High Schools in Powys, he went onto further education at Walford and North Shropshire College, but his determined dreams were to be a top Canine Photographer and make those who shared his journey to get there proud of his work.

His ultimate excitement in this journey was to be in the thick of ‘Crufts’ 2007 as the ‘Press’, this to him was that recognition had begun and the journey was well underway.

His first canine photo was taken at the age of 14 years, his second won awards on the Internet out of 8523 entries for which he could unfortunately not claim his prize because he had not paid a membership fee.

His last canine photo was of a breed he greatly admired, but his very last photo (as he was an all round photographer) was of a limousine bull stampeding down to a field after the winter lock in.

Edward suffered from a relapse ten years later on 19th March 2007, from which he said ‘I’ve beaten it once, I can do it again’, he showed great courage once again and fought it head on, little did anyone suspect the outcome would happen at this time, he suffered liver failure on the day of his 18th birthday which led to multiple organ failure, Clostridium Difficile and MRSA, after major surgery he was unable to achieve a recovery and passed away very peacefully at bedtime on his brother’s 21st birthday, Wednesday 23rd May 2007.

He touched everyone that met him in some way special, many of us have that something special to remember him by, but most of all he made his family proud of him in many different dimensions for he was one of God’s Own Special Angels.


Mum xx