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Boxer receives bravery award

Heroic Boxer Cally receiving her PDSA Commendation
along with her owner Nick Hurle and the Manager of PDSA's Pinner shop.

BOXER DOG Cally received a PDSA Commendation last month after she led her owner, Nick Hurle, to injured farm manager, Peter Gurney, who was pinned down by two half-tonne bales of silage at Pinner Park Farm, Middlesex.

The special presentation was held at the PDSA’s shop on Bridge Street in Pinner on Tuesday 29 May.

Recounting the story, Nick Hurle, 60, said: ‘Last March I was taking my usual morning walk with Cally near Pinner Park Farm when she ran off. When she came back, she insisted that I follow her. Suddenly, I could hear a man crying out in pain and saw large plastic bales, which are normally stacked neatly, scattered across the farmyard. I ran over and realised he had been crushed by two of the bales. If it weren’t for Cally I would never have found him. I quickly rang 999.’

Farm Manager, Peter Gurney, 60, said: ‘I was using my tractor to bring the silage down to feed the cows. The stack of bales suddenly tipped over and two half tonne bales landed on top of me, trapping me against the concrete. I tried to cry out for help, but the pain was unbearable.’
Peter, who is still recovering from his injuries, continued: ‘I saw a Boxer dog running back and forth; she was barking and kept coming up to me and licking my face. I was so relieved when I saw Nick running towards me and he called the ambulance. Later the surgeon told me if I hadn't been discovered within twenty minutes I would have died. I'm so grateful to Cally for leading Nick to me. I know she saved my life that day!’

The staff at Pinner PDSA shop were also celebrating as they scooped a top award. The shop team have won a Top Shop award for achieving the fifth highest sales per square foot of PDSA's 182 shops.