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Camden Council dog turn around

DOG OWNING residents in Camden, North London can breath a sigh of relief, as Camden Council have reworked their proposed dog control orders, after consultation with KC Dog, the national dog owner’s group run by the Kennel Club.

Under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act, which came into force in 2006, local authorities have had increased powers over dog owners all over the UK, and are able to issue dog control orders.

Originally it seemed Camden’s proposed dog control orders would have meant dogs would have had to be kept on leads in parks and open green spaces (not designated as dog exercise areas) and excluded from monuments and shrubbery. In addition dog control orders were proposed to limit the number of dogs a person would have been allowed to walk together.

Dog control orders such as these could have had serious implications for the animals’ welfare, as dogs require vigorous exercise, which would be compromised if they were not allowed to be exercised off the lead.

Since taking deputations in the Council from KC Dog, and concerned KC Dog participants, Camden Council is now limiting dog control orders to dog fouling, keeping dogs on leads only when directed to do so, and excluding dogs only from areas such as children’s play areas and flower beds. In addition Camden Council will only issue fixed penalty notices to dog owners if they refuse to comply with requests from authorised officers.

KC Dog was formed to help dog owners defend their rights, and advises members, both dog owners and councils, on how to develop / respond to proposals for dog control orders.
KC Dog provides a central point, with an up to date website which informs dog owners of proposed local dog control orders and critically, the consultation periods.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said; "KC Dog is an information network whose members benefit from up to date news on dog control orders, and receive guidance from the Kennel Club. All dog owners are urged to join KC Dog, and be a part of this reciprocal network by acting as our eyes and ears. DEFRA and Animal Welfare Minister Ben Bradshaw MP have given their full support to the scheme."

On joining KC Dog, owners receive a welcome pack which includes a number of guideline templates to help get started and influence public policy. To join, or for further information, please contact Laura Vallance on / 020-7518 1020.