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Eukanuba set to back stewards

Following discussions at Crufts 2007 with a number of people from Championship Dog Shows, Eukanuba were asked if they could provide support for stewards.

Working closely with Steve Hall of Blackpool Championship Show, the company have developed a great new stewards sponsorship package.

The package is designed to reward Stewards for their support, and supply them with Eukanuba to a RSP value of £40 for working only 12 ‘steward’ days. This, we understand, is more generous than previous packages.

The programme will be launched at Blackpool and will run as follows:-

• Eukanuba will provide savings cards and stickers for your show to give to your stewards.

• A sticker is given for each day a steward works.

• The steward keeps their card and when they have collected 5 stickers they can come to the Eukanuba stand and collect a FREE 3kg bag of Eukanuba of their choice.

• OR, keep saving and when they have 12 stickers the steward can collect a FREE 15 kg bag of Eukanuba of their choice.

EUKANUBA told OUR DOGS they are delighted to be able to offer this Steward’s Sponsorship Programme to all Championship Shows where they have a trade stand. If you are interested, please contact Mike Bloxsome on 07710 638123 or Julie Hearsey on 01932 896867, or visit the Eukanuba Stand at a Championship Show.