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Croatia battles the heat at successful show

The co operation begins between Eukanuba, The FCI and the AKC.
David Morgan, Karl Reisinger and Michael Canalizo pictured
at the press conference in Zagreb last Friday night.

In sweltering temperatures an Italian owned Great Dane, handled by well known Croatian handler Ante Lucin topped the lot on Sunday night after a hectic three day event at the Zagreb International Fair, beating off the challenge of the OES also handled by a well known Croatian handler, Davor Javor, writes Vince Hogan.

The Best in Show judge was no other than Mr Damir Skok, the President of the Society who, together with other members of his team, must now feel exhausted after staging a show for over 10,000 dogs from around Europe in the most difficult, humid weather conditions.Clearly it was bad for some of the dogs as well, as there were 11 dogs reported dead after being affected by the heat...four in one vehicle from Russia.

A number of British exhibitors also made the trip and Nigel and Anita Holliday were particularly thrilled when their Leonburger went BOB and pulled out in the last six from 38 dogs. The American Akita Redwitch Turning Heads won the Group for Danish owners Johanson and Thomsen who were being supported at the show by Dave Killilea of the Redwitch kennels.

Our Dogs was one of the only UK trade stands to attend, plus of course the Kennel Club and for the first time the Irish Kennel Club with committee member Rita McCarry Beatttie and Secretary Marion Campbell promoting the European Show 2009 in Dublin. Irish exhibitors were also at the show and the Revloch Kennels did well with breed wins, and daughter Kelly representing Ireland in the Junior Handling Finals.

On Saturday night the Croatian Kennel Club entertained its judging panel and VIP guests at a banquet in the magnificent pavilion in the centre of the city, whilst on Friday an historic announcement was made at a press conference concerning a new co operation between the FCI, AKC and Eukanuba. The show was sponsored by Pedigree and was held in halls similar to the world show in Poznan last November.

The next European Show will be held in Budapest in October 2008.

A further report from our man in Zagreb VINCE HOGAN will follow in future issues of Our Dogs.




Andras and Juditt Korozs
promoting the European Show 2008 in Budapest.
Andras is the President of the KC in Hungary.