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Going for the dogs!

A NEW project to help keep rescue dogs safe during transit to their new carers and owners has recently been launched.

The ‘Going for the Dogs Project’ is an exciting new project launched by the charitable group TRPD to help rescues and volunteers who transport rescue dogs to keep the dogs safe.

Often dogs, especially Greyhounds, travel with no collar or lead. On a long journey, these dogs could have 3 or 4 changes of vehicle. Changeovers usually taking place at motorway service stations – the sort of places where a panic-stricken, off-lead dog could easily escape and be killed or cause a serious accident.

Most people involved in transporting rescue dogs use their own collars and leads, but this is not a complete solution to the problem. The collar and lead owner may want the next transporter to use their own collar and/or lead and return the ones on the dog immediately. That is the safer option but an expensive one for the regular transporter, therefore, this is where the Going for the Dogs Project leaps into the breach – to provide travel collars for rescue dogs in transit.

The group plans to provide martingale collars - the kind that sighthounds cannot slip. Of course, other breeds as well as sighthounds can use these collars, too, and the collars will stay with the dog until it is safely in rescue and then returned for re-use in one of the following ways:

1. By using it for another dog that is being transported to another rescue or foster home.
2. By returning it to a local contact point for redistribution.
3. By returning it to the above address for redistribution - or repair, should any wear or damage be noted.

It is planned to have 500 of these collars in circulation eventually, each one sponsored by a project supporter, numbered individually and bearing the text:


Travel Collar Number:…………….. Please return.

Contact Tel. No: 07779 520 097

The unique reference number on each collar relates to a special monthly ‘SPOT THE COLLAR’ competition and FREE DRAW with prizes for rescues and volunteers.

To enter, people are asked to visit the TRPD Pet Craft Project Forum and record the unique numbers of any of the collars that they ‘Spot’ together with the date and the location when seen. An individual collar’s number can be recorded more than once during the period, and as long as that is by different people and in a different location, thus increasing the chances of that collar winning the Free Draw.

All collar numbers recorded during a current period (minimum of one calendar month) will then be entered into that period’s free draw, with a prize for the original rescue nominated by the collar’s sponsor AND a prize for the person recording their ‘Spot’. The latter may either keep their prize to help with their rescue, transporting or fostering work OR nominate a rescue to receive their prize.
* For further information on the Going for the Dogs project, please see the TRPD Website: or email:

TRPD stands for: Triune Research Psychology Dept. - Quite a mouthful isn't it? That was the original name back in 1971 when a short term research project was undertaken and involving the formation of a few experimental 'project groups' for study purposes.

The only trouble being that, when the original research element ended in about 1973, the groups didn't. They have been rolling along ever since!

Some have dwindled away and others using the same simple principals have formed. Still more have been formed, grown and either gone off on their own journeys, working to their own principles or retaining those of the original groups.

The next question will probably be, what does 'Triune' mean?

This simply means 'three part unity' - that being of the physical, intellectual and spiritual/emotional well being of an individual member, the group as a whole and the purpose for which it was created.

I.e. If the individual members of a group are as 'healthy' as is possible for their personal circumstances, then the 'health' of the group reflects that and enables the 'health' of the purpose and in terms of fulfilling that.

Looking at these aspects is part and parcel of some new Internet forums currently under construction and especially those created to address therapeutic aspects of pets and an article section, although the latter especially isn't intended to limit the range of possibilities.