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LKA honours secretary

At the Ladies’ Kennel Association’s annual general meeting members enthusiastically accepted Miss Jean Lanning`s proposal that Miss Sybil Churchill, who retired as secretary earlier this year, be made a vice-president, writes Ferelith Somerfield. She joins Mrs Nora Down, Mrs Peggy Davis and Miss Sheila Cartwright.

Miss Lanning also presented Miss Churchill with a cheque contributed by members to thank her for her 30 years of service to the LKA.

During the year the committee has considered the constitution chiefly to bring it up to date with current Kennel Club requirements. It has also been decided to reduce the number of committee members from 18 to 15, a change which will be phased in over three years. After discussion and a few adjustments the constitution was accepted by the members.

Mrs Peggy Grayson, who took the chair for the meeting, was re-elected as president and Mrs Barbara Roderick as treasurer.

At the committee meeting before the AGM four new committee members were welcomed: Mrs Fiona Lambert, Mrs Eileen Hughes, Mrs Sue Ergis and Mrs Janie Thompson. Mrs Bliss, Mrs Peach and Mrs Wilberg were all re-elected.

Mrs Lesley Jupp was re-appointed secretary, Mrs Ferelith Somerfield chairman and Mrs Anne Bliss vice-chairman.

Mrs Roderick presented the accounts which showed that the LKA had made a profit of £4,215 before taxation. This came from income from investments and bank interest for the show made a loss of £14,056.

It was reported that for this year’s show the committee had decided to raise the main entry fee by 50p to bring it up to £22 per dog for the first entry. Trade stand rentals will also be raised. Other charges to exhibitors and the public remain the same. Various other measures to save costs will be tried, including a change of hotel for judges and committee.

This year’s show will be held on Friday and Saturday, December 7 and 8, with toys, utility, working and pastoral breeds on the first day and hounds, gundogs and terriers on the second. The Dandie Dinmont Terrier people, who lost their LKA CCs last year, asked for classes this year and, as they are on the numerically smaller day, this has been agreed.