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Police shoot Mastiff despite owner’s protests

A POLICE marksman shot dead a Mastiff after it attacked a pensioner and sparked a full-scale alert.

Ann Ridsdale, 70, needed stitches below her eye after she was bitten while helping Rob Rainbow, her son-in-law, to look for his 17-month-old dog called Freya.

She was taken to hospital and treated for puncture wounds and bruising to her face above and below one of her eyes.

The animal, which had been on the loose for several days, attacked when it was cornered in a cemetery, near Chester Road, Stanley, County Durham. Mr Rainbow, 41, allegedly paid £350 for the pedigree dog three weeks ago, but she ran off when he opened the car door at his home in New Kyo, Stanley.

The decision to kill the dog was condemned by the community, who shouted abuse at the police after hearing the shots.

Leanne Taylor, 26, of The Beeches, East Stanley, said: ‘What the police have done is disgusting. It is too brutal and not right. It was a defenceless animal and I am quite saddened by this.’
Mr Rainbow intends to see a solicitor for advice regarding whether he can take legal action against the police.