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Petplan campaign brings new income

The world’s largest pet insurer, Petplan, is testing a novel approach to advertising by recruiting dog breeders to spread the word across the UK.

So far twelve breeders have agreed to take part in the scheme that will see them being paid for having their car "wrapped" with a high quality advertising graphic that promotes the Petplan breeder scheme and Instant Puppy Policies. The plan is then to extend the scheme to cat breeders in the same way.

Each vehicle will be wrapped for twelve months. When the graphic is fitted a small GPS (Global Positioning System) is attached so that the company administering the campaign for Petplan, ‘comm-motion’, can monitor where the car has been.

All those taking part are paid for their involvement and do not have to alter their usual driving patterns or routes. Each wrap is custom-made and so can be used on saloons, estates, jeeps, people carriers and even small vans.

Simon Wheeler, Head of Marketing for Petplan, comments: "This is a new dimension in advertising for Petplan and one that we are really enthusiastic about. It will not interrupt the car owner’s life as they do not have change the way they go about their daily lives – they just have a more distinctive car!".

The team at Petplan will be extending the scheme throughout the year and breeders who are interested in finding out more about the scheme, the fees paid and their eligibility can contact or or go to for full details.