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New charity seeks justice for police dogs

A NEW charity which campaigns for the rights working dogs such as police and service dogs had recently been launched.

Wuff Justice was formed by supporters of the campaign to save the life of police dog Saxon who earmarked for destruction by Gwent Police Authority last year after he failed to reach behavioural standards set for police dogs. After a long campaign and a huge public outcry, during which Gwent Police Authority were inundated with e-mails from around the world, Saxon’s life was spared although he was not rehomed to his handler, PC Mike Townley, who had offered the dog a home as a pet. Saxon was eventually placed with Charles Wall of A1 K9 training company in Swansea.

Wuff Justice’s mission statement is to take a lead in helping right the wrongs suffered by canine handlers, owners and their dogs in the course of their service to the community and indeed after their operational duties are over - when so requested.

The charity’s website says that it intends to help any dog handlers or their dogs who may be in a similar position by creating a defence fund that can assist with legal fees or other genuine support to enable them to right the wrongs which have been done to them.