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Jimmy Choos reach new heights!

A Rottweiler has given birth to a surprise litter after mating with a Dachshund. Fourteen month old Helga shocked her owners Alan and Louise Crowshaw when she gave birth to her six puppies.

They had assumed male Rottweiler Romeo was responsible but it was in fact Miniature Dachshund Jimmy Choo that was the dad.

‘We let Jimmy sleep with Helga as we thought it was impossible for them. Obviously Jimmy has other ideas,’ said Alan.

The mating was quite unexpected as 10 month old Jimmy stands at a mere seven inches while Helga stands at a mighty 27 inches.

All the litter were bitches, two are Dachshund colour and Rottweiler size, and three are of Rottweiler colour and size. Then there is a Dachshund size bitch with the black and tan markings of a Rottweiler who the couple have named Star.

The Crowshaws from Fleetwood, Lancashire, have been told there is no record of a similar breeding taking place and are expected to be inundated with offers for the puppies.
‘All our litters are special to us but this one is particularly special because it is such a rarity. But like all our litters we will be making sure the puppies go to good homes with responsible and loving owners.

‘We have taken particularly to Star, I think we will be keeping her ourselves,’ said Alan.Super dad Jimmy is expected to sire another litter soon - this time hopefully with a lady more his own size.