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KC announces this year’s JW competition

The Kennel Club is once again holding the Kennel Gazette Junior Warrant Competition this year as the contest retains its popularity with exhibitors. The semi finals will be held at Discover Dogs in November, with ten dogs then being selected to compete at Crufts Dog Show in 2008.
Due to the high number of dogs achieving a Junior Warrant so far this year, a series of qualifying heats will be held by General Canine Societies around the country scheduling Open Shows during August and September this year. These special events will be held after the close of the Open Shows.

Eligibility to compete in the qualifying heats is for all dogs that have qualified for a Junior Warrant within the period 1st August 2006 – 31st July 2007. It is appreciated that some dogs will be over 18 calendar months of age by the time of the event should they qualify for the Semi Finals.
Dogs may be entered in more than one qualifying heat. However, once qualified, exhibitors will be required to withdraw the qualified dog from any subsequent Junior Warrant qualifying heat(s). The refund of entry fees is at the discretion of the organising society.

The organising society will be responsible for selecting the judge, who will have previously awarded Challenge Certificates in at least one breed.

Five dogs and a reserve will be selected by the judge at each heat, and 64 dogs from the heats will subsequently be invited to the semi finals at Discover Dogs at Earl’s Court, London on Saturday 10th November 2007.

Eligible dogs do not need to be entered for the Open Show in order to compete in the Junior Warrant Competition qualifier, although entries must be made prior to the show’s closing date and be accompanied by the relevant entry fee.

The maximum number of dogs for each qualifying heat is 64. If it seems likely that this number will be exceeded, acceptance of entries will be on a first come first served basis.