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Ratty achieves TV fame

YORK'S pub-going bus-riding dog is now an international star after a day's filming with TV Tokyo.
Ratty the dog - notorious for his regular trips by bus to the pub on his own - attracted the attention of TV Tokyo after they came across press cuttings about him last July.

So the Japanese TV company experienced a day in the life of Ratty as they travelled with him by bus to the Rose and Crown pub in Lawrence Street.

Gary Kay, the dog's owner said: "We were been busy all day. We fed the cattle and then the Japanese TV company turned up."

Asked what TV Tokyo captured on film he said: "They got him on the bus and they've been into the Rose and Crown. He's had a drink and he's done everything."

TV Tokyo didn't have to prompt the dog to get on the bus: "He just got on," Gary said.advertisement "He was on good form - he enjoys these days out."

Kanako Hiramoto, production co-ordinator, said: "All the people on the bus are used to Ratty and know him quite well - they were quite blasé about it whereas we were all surprised that he had actually got on the bus."

Ratty will star in the TV programme All That Amazing Animals at the end of August.