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Wagg’s new website

Leading pet food manufacturer, Wagg, is celebrating the launch of its new website by offering visitors to the site the chance to win an iPod. Wagg will be hosting regular online competitions to reward its website visitors with exciting prizes.

The new website, designed to promote healthy living for dogs and small animals, will help customers make informed decisions when choosing pet food. Visitors logging on to can make the most of Wagg’s expertise and access comprehensive information on feeding and nutrition to ensure their pet stays ‘healthy from nose to tail’.

Pet owners can also share stories of their furry friend’s antics on the ‘Wagg Tails’ page and can purchase many of Wagg’s dog and small animal products with a few clicks of the mouse.
Tom Page, Director at Wagg, said: “Wagg places health at the heart of its products and the website is a simple way for pet owners to make sure they are making informed decisions when choosing food for their pet. Our expertise in dog and small animal food enables us to provide a comprehensive source of information.”

Wagg Foods can trace its history back to 1923, when the current managing director’s grandfather established an animal feed mill in North Yorkshire

The company manufacturers pet food for dogs (Wagg Complete, Wagg Premium, Wagg Control, Wagg Puppy, Wagg Worker), and small animals (Optimum Rabbit, Optimum Guinea Pig, Bunny Brunch, Bunny Time, Guinea Pig Crunch, Hamster Gerbil Mouse Munch), as well as bedding products (Small Pet Bedding, Meadow Hay)