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Online petition launched to limit firework sales

ANOTHER E-PETITION has been launched on the Government’s 10 Downing Street website, calling upon the Government to ban the retail sale of fireworks by allowing the purchase of fireworks for displays only, thus alleviating distress to people and pets from the nuisance caused by fireworks around the traditional Bonfire Night period in early November.

The petition, submitted by an individual named ‘Paul V’ reads: ‘

‘We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Prohibit The Sale Of Fireworks To The Public.
‘Allow the sale of fireworks to organisers of (licensed) public displays only in order to curb the number of accidents caused every year by something that is little more than a flimsily constructed explosive device.

‘This action would also have the benefit of saving distress to some people and many pets for weeks around the traditional 'fireworks night'.’

The deadline for people to sign the petition runs until May 20th 2007.

Veteran anti-fireworks campaigner Teresa Kulkarni threw her support behind the petition and urged everyone concerned about firework nuisance to sign it.

Last year, Teresa handed in a massive petition to 10 Downing Street, containing 129,387 signatures, calling upon the Government to similarly restrict firework sales.

Teresa told OUR DOGS: ‘I was very disappointed with the pathetic response from Jim Fitzpatrick, the Under-Secretary of State for Trade and Industry at the debate in the House of Commons on Monday 6th November last year. He listened to all that was said, how people and animals were suffering and in the case of our animals even dying because of fireworks, and, after all this, he stood up and basically said that they did not feel that the 2003 and 2004 firework laws had not been in place long enough to see if they are working!

‘If these laws were working, we would not have been able to collect and presented a petition containing 129,387 signatures asking for the sale of fireworks to be restricted to organised licensed displays only, nor would they have had such a large response in the vote carried out in 2006 by The Evening Telegraph newspaper in Kettering, Northants.

‘It conducted a survey of more than 800 local people, 88 per cent of whom supported a ban on the retail sale of fireworks. A poll done by BBC in the North-West of England which showed that 92 per cent, of people believed that there should be a total ban on the sale of fireworks, except those for organised licensed events.

‘The Labour government call themselves the people's party, yet they take little to no notice of the people. Why are fireworks exempt from nearly every law going? It has been an offence since 1911 to knowingly terrify an animal, so why have you the government allowed the firework industry to make fireworks so loud?

‘We have a new animal welfare bill to protect our animals from suffering and cruelty yet fireworks are not include in this, why?

‘Please – sign the petition and make the Government listen for a change!’

The petition may be found at: