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PADS launches new on line resource

The People And Dogs Society (PADS) has launched a brand new website which will be a valuable resource for dog owners and would-be dog owners.

PADS aims to help and advise those with dog related problems. And, as a small charity with very limited resources, PADS has always seen the Internet as the perfect way to reach as many dog owners as possible.

‘We have had a website for some years,’ explained Hon Chairman Debbie Waller. ‘But it had been created gradually over the years and was outdated and sprawling; it was also slow to load, which is frustrating for visitors.’

The new site, produced in partnership with Suzanne Whitby of, uses the latest designs and navigation to make it as easy as possible for users of the site to find just what they’re looking for.

‘The site has a wide variety of articles on many aspects of dog ownership and care,’ said Debbie, ‘But if you can’t find what you need, it also has details of our one to one advice service, the Canine Advice Life Line, which can be accessed by either phone or email.’

The CALL service offers all kinds of advice and information to its users, who are usually (but not always) dog owners, and can put them in touch with a wide variety of dog-related services, professionals and organisations. It currently answers around 8-10,000 calls and emails a year but this is expected to rise with the launch of the new site.

The website also offers fun and games, competitions and details of the charity’s events. ‘There’s something there for everyone - from those considering buying their first dog to the experienced dog owner,’ said Debbie.

The charity is also hoping that by showcasing its valuable work in this way it can attract more supporters. PADS does not employ any staff; all its services are offered and its funds are raised by a band of dedicated volunteers.

‘We can only continue our work with the help of our supporters and volunteers,’ said Debbie Waller. ‘And we would be really pleased to hear from anyone willing to join them by joining the charity, making a donation or helping out at events.’

Naturally enough, you find more about how to do all these things via the new PADS website.