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West of England Ladies Kennel Society

The West of England Ladies Kennel Society Championship show to be held at the Three Counties Showground Malvern on the 27th to 29th April is the first of the General Shows this year to have the Working and Pastoral groups on different days.

This has been changed to even the spread of the numbers of dogs each day to allow everyone to have adequate ring space, especially if the weather is unkind and indoor rings have to be used.

The Society has always prided itself on giving all breeds, each day, a more than adequate ring and the scheduling of Working, Pastoral and Terrier on one day meant it was becoming more and more difficult to achieve this in the available space.

The Society would like to advise exhibitors that the new regulations with regard to docked breeds will have no effect upon the show this year as those dogs that were docked before the April 7th implementation date are not affected. Therefore they can be exhibited and the society can make its nominal charge for admission to those that do not have any form of pass.

The Secretary makes a plea to all exhibitors to please note on the exterior of their entry envelope, the group to which their exhibits belong. This enables the entry to be sorted more easily and a count of each group achieved very quickly, as planning will be more complex this year with the new combination of groups.

Schedules are available from Mrs Sheila Jakeman at Lyneham Lake, Kingham, Oxford. OX7 6UJ Tel: 01608 659369 (please do not phone before 10.30 am) or can be downloaded from Postal entries close on the 14th March and on line on the 21st March.