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Dog fighters arrested following mobile footage

FIVE PEOPLE have been arrested following morning raids targeting a dog fighting ring in Cleveland, Teesside. Four dogs, described as being of the pit bull terrier ‘type’ were also seized.
More than 50 police officers were involved in the raids late last week, which followed weeks of investigations and the leaking of disturbing mobile phone videos and images showing the organised dog fights.

The police also report that a fifth dog was seized, a smaller terrier, which they understand to have been used as bait for the fighting dogs.

Inspector Mike Cane told local press. ‘These raids were the culmination of two weeks of intensive police activity after we came into possession of mobile phone footage showing particularly savage dog fighting. Five dogs were recovered, four pit bull-type dogs and a terrier which we believe is used to bait the dogs. We are extremely pleased at the result. The mobile phone footage was particularly sickening and you have to ask yourself why people would get involved with this.’