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Enthusiasts make a stand at Crufts

Following discussions at their local training club, a group of dedicated HPR enthusiasts from the South of England have decided to make a stand for docking at Crufts and wear special pale blue or white ribbons.

They have already made 250 and distributed them amongst friends and are now asking owners of all docked breeds attending Crufts over the four days to make and wear a ribbon.
Research in the UK, shows that over 98% of the 763 working gundogs surveyed by the Kennel Club were docked. Of the small percentage of those undocked, a high proportion suffered tail damage. 15% (40,235) of dogs the Kennel Club registered in 2005 were from working gundog breeds.

This means that after 11 years at least 30,800 dogs would have suffered a tail injury as a result of a blanket ban on tail docking.