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Are you a pet lover looking for love?

If this sounds like you then the launch of a new British website may be just what you are looking for.

Meeting your perfect partner on an online dating site can be quite daunting. How do you break the ice? With a common interest in pets of course!

The thinking behind yourmatepetmate - the only website of its kind in the UK - is that pet ownership instantly provides common ground when choosing a partner or friend. The simplicity in which conversation and friendships are formed prove that common link.

And isn't just restricted to pet owners -anyone with an interest in animals can register. Similarly, the site can be used to meet friends, whether it's for travelling to shows together or meeting for coffee.

Equal prominence is given to the members pet, who's picture appears alongside their owner's. Likewise, the pet is given an opportunity for a brief description. The two profiles work side by side, the pet's profile adding to the appeal factor of their owners.

For a limited time only annual membership is completely FREE!