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Where did you get that coat?

PAM GARDNER has an unusual way to use up dog (and cat) hair, by spinning it into wool so fellow pet owners can make jumpers from their favourite dog’s coat.

Pam is sent hair from animal lovers who have collected and stored strands while grooming their pets. It can take up to a year of daily brushings to have enough to make a garment, and the hairs must be at least 5cm (2in) to be usable.

Some customers like to wear something to remember their pets by after they die, Mrs Gardner explained. 'People are going to be upset if they had a much loved pet that has departed,' she added.

Mrs Gardner, of Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire, has at least six jumpers and cardigans made from her pet Old English Sheepdogs. She has made wool from about 30 breeds of dog, including German Shepherds and chows, and had about 200 customers.