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Border Collies stolen in broad daylight

A DOG owner’s daughter was left traumatised after three men attempted to break into her parents’ house in broad daylight to steal two dogs. The thieves made a getaway when the police were called, but stole two other dogs in the process.

Denise Stone from Hermitage near Thatcham, Berkshire told OUR DOGS that the awful crime took place on Friday 27th April 2007 during broad daylight. Three men pulled up at the isolated property in a white J registration 4 x 4 Subaru and attempted to break into Denise's house to steal two dogs that were inside.

Denise's 21 year-old daughter was at home from university and was in the house on her own. She was terrified when one of the men peered in the window at the dogs, and she immediately dialled 999, which alerted the men to her presence. As they turned to leave, then men grabbed two other Border Collies which were in an outside kennel, bundled them into the vehicle and drove off.

The Borders are a nine-month-old grizzle dog and a two-year-old dark grizzle bitch - both are newly stripped. The bitch has two broken canine teeth which may help identification if they are found. Neither dog is microchipped or tattooed.

Denise's property is located down a quite isolated track so this was obviously a premeditated and not opportunist crime - apparently the Police have said the vehicle was seen in the area ‘coasting’ around. Denise has notified all the missing dog agencies, as well as the police and has alerted the local media to the theft. As of Tuesday this week, however, there have been no leads as top the dogs’ location.

If anyone has any information relating to the dogs’ theft and their safe return, Denise can be contacted by telephone on: 01635-200089.