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Manchester Dog Show Society makes a difference for dogs and humans alike

Manchester Dog Show Society has announced its charitable donations for 2007, with both dogs and humans set to benefit from the society’s generosity. The society has chosen the Kennel Club Charitable Trust and Prostate Scotland as the recipients of awards of £1,000 each to help with their charitable objectives.

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust awards grants to a range of good causes, which aim to ‘make a difference for dogs’ in the fields of science, support and welfare. It has a specialist health arm, the Kennel Club Health Foundation Fund, which is designed to help breed clubs and scientists work together to develop research programmes that will result in new DNA tests for inherited conditions.

Dogs and humans share many inherited diseases and, because of the extensive pedigree information available for purebred dog populations, research into canine diseases is often more straightforward than that for humans, making the identification of underlying genetic causes easier. The discovery of the genetic cause of an inherited disease in the dog can provide useful information and potential candidate genes for clinicians to investigate the equivalent human condition.

Mike Townsend, Chairman of the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, said: "We are extremely grateful to the Manchester Dog Show Society for their kind donation, which will be used to help further our goal of ‘making a difference for dogs’. The link between canine and human diseases means that this money can hopefully be beneficial to both man and his best friend in the long run."
Prostate cancer is responsible for the second highest number of deaths of any type of cancer amongst men in Scotland, and Prostate Scotland is currently raising funds to provide a website aimed at informing men about the potential dangers, and offering support and advice to men with the disease.