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SBT blinded in attack

THE RSPCA is appealing for witnesses to an attack which has left a dog blind and burned in Bulwell, Nottingham.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, named Zinc, was out walking with his owner in Hucknall Lane when the attack happened last month. As they passed a group of young people outside a shop one of the youths squirted liquid into the dog's eyes. Three-year-old Zinc was unable to open his eyes for three hours and suffered horrific burns to his eyelids and eyes, meaning that he is extremely unlikely to see again.

The liquid had been in a Sinex nasal spray bottle, but vets think it unlikely that Sinex would have caused any real damage, instead suspecting that a chemical such as bleach or even petrol had been put into the bottle.

RSPCA Inspector Vicky Taylor said: ‘I am absolutely astounded that someone could do this to a dog. Zinc suffered appalling distress and pain and it is so tragic that a young dog would have to go through the rest of his life sightless. If anyone knows anything about this attack, or even of similar incidents, it is vital that they contact us.’

* Anyone with information about this attack should contact the RSPCA in confidence on 0870 55 55 999.