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Our Dogs/ProPlan competition

Our Dogs has teamed up with Purina’s science led brand, Pro Plan to offer lucky readers the chance to win a bag of food to specially made for large breed dogs.

Developed through years of experience in dog nutrition, the new products are Pro Plan Adult Large Breed Athletic and Pro Plan Adult Large Breed Robust - both designed to cater for the specific nutritional needs of large dogs.

Research carried out by Purina into the nutritional needs of large breed dogs has revealed that there are two sub-categories within large breeds, and that these have very different dietary needs.

Athletic; generally more active with increased muscle, less body fat, higher energy requirements and long, powerful limbs (for example a Great Dane).

Robust; large body shape, a powerful frame, less active therefore lower energy requirements, prone to obesity and increased joint sensitivity (for example a Bernese Mountain Dog).
The new Pro Plan Large Breed Athletic and Adult Large Breed Robust are based on these specific physical types and have been formulated to help support large dogs’ immune systems. The new variants will replace the existing single large breed product.

There are six bags of the new Pro Plan products up for grabs, so for your chance to win one of these fantastic prizes just answer the following question:

How many products are there in Purina’s Pro Plan Large Breed range?

Please send your answer, along with your name and address and variety suitable for your dog to: Louise Warburton, Our Dogs, 1 Lund Street, Trafford Park, Manchester, M16 9EJ or e-mail

Competition closes on 31 May 2007.