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Charitable Trust donation

The Petplan Charitable Trust has announced that it has made donations of over £4.4 million since it’s launch over 13 years ago.

The Dogs’ Trust, Greyhound Rescue Centre, the Animal Health Trust and the Royal Veterinary College are just some of the organisations that have benefited.

The trust raises funds by inviting Petplan clients to add £1.50 to their annual pet insurance as a charitable donation.

Grants are then awarded to bodies that work to help the health, general welfare and wellbeing of dogs and other pets. Petplan itself also donates a further £50,000 annually.

‘The Petplan Charitable Trust has been able to make a real difference, through the generosity of its donors, in the health and welfare of our nation’s pets. The Petplan policyholders can rightfully be very proud of the contribution they have and continue to make in these important areas,’ said David Simpson, the Chair of the Trustees.