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Dog killed in burglary

A Dobermann was beaten to death recently during an attempted burglary. The 12-year-old bitch, Emma, was hit over the head in the garage she was kept in with her owners’ other dogs on Wednesday May 2nd in New Milton, Hampshire.

The dog, show name Bohemeann Groovy Little Em, won the puppy class for the breed at Crufts in 1996 and was also shown in 1997 and 1998. Her offspring have also had success in the show ring.

Her breeder owner, Anne Mayhew, who has kept the breed for 21 years, said her six-year-old daughter Katy-Anne had been celebrating her birthday when the dog was found. Mrs Mayhew said that nothing had been taken during the attempted robbery.

‘It's just sick how someone could do that to a dog,’ Mrs Mayhew said. ‘What sort of people can they be? How can they sleep at night? The family is very upset, especially my daughter, as Emma was a favourite. Emma was the sweetest and kindest dog. She would have just stood there and wagged her tail.’

Mrs Mayhew believes that the thieves, having forced a window to get into the kitchen of her house, would have been confronted by Emma’s sons, including Hallucination, who may well have frightened them and caused them to flee, lashing out as they did so, at which point Emma was hit with a heavy object. It is believed she died instantly.

Police said that the incident was being treated as a burglary. A force spokeswoman said: ‘It is a sad and heartless act.’

However, Anne Mayhew remained unimpressed with the police’s attitude to the incident. ‘PC Woolfrey, the police officer dealing with the case told me that Emma was treated as a possession and that she was ‘just a dog’,’ she said.

Subsequent to this, two days after the incident, an acquaintance told Mrs Mayhew that he had overheard a man discussing the burglary, in which he admitted to killing the dog. She immediately passed the information to PC Woolfrey for him to follow up, but as of Tuesday this week, he had not contacted the acquaintance to take a statement, despite prompting to do so by Mrs Mayhew.