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Pedigree dogs abandoned

Nine pedigree dogs have been found abandoned in the car park of a reservoir in Angus, Scotland.
A local farmer found the four Scottish Terriers and five Cocker Spaniels at the Backwater Reservoir in Glenisla on Friday.

The dogs are being cared for by the local council and said to be in good condition. Their behaviour has suggested they were kept in kennels. Council officials have appealed for help to find out where they came from.

Initial investigations discovered at least four of the dogs found allegedly had a connection with a company trading under the name Puppy Paradise in Doncaster. However the company ceased trading in 2005.

A spokesperson for the council's environmental and consumer protection division said: "They are pedigree dogs, not at all the usual stray or abandoned animals the dog warden service often has to deal with.

"We are concerned that the dogs may have been removed from their owner and would like to hear from anyone who is missing this group of dogs."

The spokesperson added: "We would also like to hear from any member of the public who can help us trace the person who abandoned these animals probably sometime on the evening of Thursday, 3 May."