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The Kennel Club Annual Report 2006/07
Affiliate Scheme

The Affiliate scheme was introduced in 2006 and is linked to one of the Kennel Club’s strategic objectives of ‘achieving a widening of the membership base’. It is hoped that people, particularly those just coming into the world of dogs, will recognise that an understanding of, and an involvement in Kennel Club affairs, can be a rewarding and productive way of contributing to the Kennel Club’s overall aim, ‘to promote in every way the general improvement of dogs’.

The scheme offers members a range of benefits, including the monthly Kennel Gazette, a regular email newsletter and discounts on Kennel Club event tickets, publications and merchandise. A special section of the website is currently being developed for Affiliates to gain further information specific to their interests.

The KC Annual Report 2006/7 can be viewed in its entirety at