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More investment at Bath’s showground

Bath CS has invested £50,000 in a new permanent toilet block situated beside the Main Entrance to the Show. They have also received planning permission to run a road through the Caravan Park, which will go a long way to alleviating the problems arising when the ground is very wet during the show. This road will be completed in time for this year’s show and to make life a little easier for our caravanners we will situate water tankers at each end of the caravan park.
Bath is hosting a full range of Kennel Club seminars this year, offering Hands on Assessment every day as well as Judging Procedures on Friday 25th, Stewarding on Saturday 26th and Conformation & Movement on Sunday 27th .

All events are charged at £10 per delegate, which includes tea/coffee etc. The Kennel Club Accredited Trainer for all the events is Mr Nick Bryce-Smith. Details are available from 01623 754450 for an application form.

This year for the first time, Bath is hosting a project from the University of Liverpool into Atopic Dermatitis in Dogs. Miss Shona Wood from the University will be at the Show to talk to exhibitors and take mouth swabs from volunteers. Atopic Dermatitis (AD) is a pruritic, inflammatory skin disease which is thought may be inherited.

The prevalence of canine AD has increased over the last decade, with up to 10% of the canine population now suffering with this disease. By researching the genetics of the disease better treatments may be developed along with informed choices for breeders to help avoid this potentially devastating disease.

The breeds that will form part of the study at Bath will be West Highland White Terriers on the first day, Labrador and Golden Retrievers on the second day and Boxers on the third day. All information collected will be confidential and kept on a secure database. Anyone wishing more information on how the samples and information are stored can look at the archive website ( Archive for Companion Animals/).

We have circulated as much information as possible through Breed Correspondents and anyone wishing to enquire further may contact Miss Wood direct on
We are confident that Bath’s caring exhibitors will rise to the challenge and keep Miss Wood busy thought-out her three day stay.

Keith Nathan Hon Secretary