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The Kennel Club Annual Report 2006/07
Chief Executive’s Report

The Chairman has referred to the volume and extent of the Club’s activities. He has, quite rightly, made the point that numbers are not the only measure of our success. However, to give a flavour of the amount of activity one has only to look at the statistics which show that, during 2006, more than half a million telephone calls were handled and nearly one million transactions were carried out by the Kennel Club.

This challenging workload results from continued expansion and our efforts to improve and develop the services we offer. This, coupled with our objective of providing an approachable, knowledgeable and helpful "face of the Kennel Club" will hopefully encourage more and more dog owners to turn to the Kennel Club for advice and assistance.

The retention of quality well trained staff and their welfare is a high priority and we have established a highly skilled Human Resources Department and an extensive learning and development programme. Much of our training is now being undertaken in-house with tailored training and learning programmes geared to the very specific needs of the Club.

The focus over the last period has been to ensure that training in essential management skills is provided with advanced management courses being made available covering a wide range of subjects, including coaching for results, managing and improving performance and effective communication.

The focus for the next period will be to develop bespoke training in line with individual departmental plans and objectives, alongside the existing programmes.

Our Staff Induction Programme has been revised and now runs across four sessions; strategic induction, operations induction, annual review training and telephone training with all new starters being required to attend. We have updated all our policies and procedures and terms and conditions to ensure that they are in line with ever increasing changes in employment legislation, and we regularly review our employment package to ensure that we are as competitive as we can be, in a challenging employment environment.

In conclusion, as always, I wish to thank my colleagues for their work and belief in the Kennel Club and its objectives and to the members of the various Committees and Councils who also contribute so much. My particular thanks to the Chairman Ronnie Irving and Vice-Chairman Bill Hardaway who support, encourage and appreciate the contribution of others and who have the respect and appreciation of all the staff who recognise just how much they give - it is a real pleasure working alongside them.

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