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The Kennel Club Annual Report 2006/07
New Initiatives

The Committee reviewed the objectives and considered that they continue to encapsulate the aims of the Kennel Club: "To raise the relevance of the Kennel Club in the eyes of the public at large, dog owners and those who take part in canine activities so as to be better able ‘to promote in every way the general improvement of dogs’.

This objective to be achieved through:

• Ensuring that the Kennel Club is the first port of call on all canine matters.
• Recognising the importance of canine health and welfare.
• Popularising canine activities focusing on the retention of existing participants and the attraction of new.
• Achieving a widening of the Kennel Club Membership base.
• Encouraging the development of all those concerned with dogs through education and training.
• Encouraging more people to provide input into the Kennel Club’s decision making process.

A number of major initiatives have been undertaken in the last year which support the above objectives:

•Growth in registrations, transfers and Petlog registrations, complemented by significant growth in Kennel Name applications, pedigree certificates and the Puppy Sales Register.
• Improvements to the Accredited Breeder Scheme including the introduction of a Breeder Adviser, flagging of Accredited Breeders on the Puppy Sales Register and recognition of their experience via a system of ‘accolades’.
• Launch of the online litter registration scheme with, by the end of 2006, some 13% of puppies being registered via the internet.
•Holding of the first new General Championship Show for over thirty years, by Boston & District Canine Society in January 2007.
• The introduction of a Manual for Registered Societies backed up by an increased range of seminars offered to Breed Clubs and Canine Societies.
• Encouragement through the Young Kennel Club of young people in all areas of Kennel Club activities with, in particular, new opportunities for young handlers at gundog events and training with Outward Bound.
• Record attendances at Crufts and Discover Dogs both of which offer excellent opportunities to promote dog ownership and encourage greater participation in canine activities for newcomers, through such initiatives as the Special Pre-Beginners Obedience Stakes.
• Increasing interest, from schools and parents, in the Safe and Sound Scheme, which exists to promote the safety of children around dogs. This has become particularly important in view of the current climate relating to so called ‘dangerous dogs’.
•Attendance at the Conservative and Labour Party Conferences giving face to face opportunities to lobby on matters of importance to the canine world.
• Development of KC Dog to tackle dog control orders and promote the need for a proportionate response from local authorities to anti social behaviour by dog owners.
• Launch of the Kennel Club’s new website which offers new services and information and increased opportunities to communicate with all those interested in dogs.
•Formation of the Arts Foundation charity to provide an archive of important canine art preserved for future generations. Exhibitions within the Gallery included that of the Royal Dogs in honour of Her Majesty the Queen’s 80th birthday.
• Refurbishment of the Kennel Club Library providing an attractive and spacious reading space, along with a 40% increase in shelving capacity.
• The award of over £450,000 to deserving causes by the Charitable Trust – with much of the Trust’s funding coming from the Kennel Club.

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