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Eukanuba Golden Oldie Competition

The Golden Oldie Competition organised by the Pudsey Ringcraft Club just goes to show that good old-fashioned dog showing is alive and well, and living in Pudsey...alongside its famous treacle mines. (Read the programme notes!)

The night, held at an excellent clean and bright village hall venue (first time here), was the epitome of grass roots dogdom. The last show I 'wrote up' was the World Dog Show in Poland, where we had 75,000 visitors and 22, 000 dogs; so what a contrast to find myself sitting in a village hall in deepest Yorkshire listening to the dulcet tones of organiser in chief, Peter Broadbent. As Peter opened the event, our table (which comprised of Erica Greenwood from main sponsors Eukanuba, Natalie the Belgian judge, Mrs H and Gerry and Ruth from Huddersfield) thoroughly enjoyed the opening gambits and jokes which were akin to Les Dawson at his zenith! Peter, you are a natural, but we all appreciated the warm welcome and very clear instructions to all the 28 participating clubs and supporters packed into the Thorpe Willoughby hall.

In Bernard’s memory

As Peter said, it was a special night. The club was presenting new trophies generously sponsored by Eukanuba. They had decided to retire the Leeds City and DCA shield, and instead presented the new Eukanuba crystal in memory of Pudsey’s late President and friend – Mr Bernard Child, who died in March after a long fight against illness. To present the trophies on the night, the club decided to invite Mrs Jean Burrows, a great friend of Bernard’s; who worked together with him for many years and re-met him about 12 years ago on a “very” old age pensioners day trip!

Bernard was very upset that he could not go on holiday around Christmas to Bournemouth. His great loves were dogs, holidays and food, in no particular order! Many people will miss Bernard, myself included, as I personally could go back through the Leeds days when both Bernard and Neville Perkins were at the heart of many things canine, both at Leeds and in Yorkshire.
So to the show, marshalled by members of the Broadbent family and the hard working secretary Christine Cooper. We had a lovely buffet and even the (now) nervous judge enjoyed her first ever Yorkshire meat pie! Whilst the judging went on, the girls organised and sold the raffle tickets and Peter as MC kept things moving along, whilst OUR DOGS Photo Manager John Jackson clicked away for pictures for this spread.

All the dogs did their clubs proud but eventually we came down to the cut and after the break the final decisions were made. Our judge from Belgium has provided all the background to her winners in her report featured here, so it’s not for me to go over them.... except to say what an effervescent oldie we had as a winner, a lively Bull Terrier called Teregram Pirate Prince, eight years old representing the Yorkshire Bull terrier Club, and owned by Dave and Julia Lister.... and of course great support from all the club members who enjoyed their night out. (They don't get out much in these parts apparently!) The club has been supporting the Golden Oldie for about 10 years and were delighted to win through this year. Well done one and all - and well done Peter and Pudsey and all Pudseys friends. You can be proud of a great traditional doggy event, well supported by the clubs, Eukanuba and of course Our Dogs.

We can do it all again with the pups in September as the club organises its SUPER PUP night...and of course we will be there, even if it’s just to hear more of Peter’s jokes!

Judge’s report

A couple of months ago I was invited to judge the Eukanuba Golden Oldie 2007. A friend of mine - who had already had the honour of judging at this occasion - was very enthusiastic about this event and so I gladly accepted.

On April 28th I met Peter Broadbent - the leading man of the event - at the airport. We set off for a sightseeing tour around the wonderful Yorkshire countryside and boy what a good thing Peter didn’t drive a convertible, otherwise I’‚d have had lots of insects sticking between my teeth!
In the afternoon I met up with Peter’s daughter Melinda and boyfriend Jonathan (who was busy ironing, what a guy) who were kind enough to allow me to stay at their place and made me feel right at home.

I even had my own personal driver, Christine’s husband, who took me to the venue in a very smart 4 x 4, talk about travelling in style!

Although I felt there was a very laid back atmosphere at the venue, and everyone made me feel very welcome (including Vince from Our Dogs), I still managed to get nervous, almost too nervous to eat; but I do have to mention the wonderful buffet that was the labour of love from Anita and her team!

Stars of the Evening

All veterans were in peak condition, I felt, and all had proud owners on the end of the leash, exactly the way it should be.

I felt like I was in a candy shop, I’m sure it’s easy to understand how difficult it is to choose from all those goodies.

A special word for the eldest entered in competition, the Bearded Collie Talraz Passion Fruit, still in great shape at nearly 11 years of age.

I was particularly impressed with the Bull Terrier, who stepped into the ring like he owned the place and later that evening I picked this one to be the winner of this year’s “Eukanuba Golden Oldie”.

My runner-up was a very classy but naughty, well preserved, fawn Boxer lady.

The Eukanuba Plate Winner was a charming and very noble Golden Retriever lad.

I’d like to thank all handlers and their four legged companions for their kindness and their sportsmanship, and Christine for calming my nerves!

Also a big thank you to Peter, Melinda & Jonathan for spending their free Sunday in the English countryside with me. It was a wonderful experience and I hope to come back (this time with camera).

And as a final reminder of a lovely night amongst genuine dog people, I can’t afford not to mention the beautiful silver boxer bracelet; I’m wearing it with pride.

Nathalie Tytgat (Judge)


Bull Terrier:

Teregram Pirate Prince
(8 years old)

Powerful, white male, with harmonious body. Lovely egg-shaped head, teeth in good condition, small, correct placed triangle shaped dark eyes, correct ear placement, strong but elegant neck, good bone, good fore chest; round cat feet, lovely angulations front and rear, powerful and firm movement.


Triglyph Gemini Witch
(9 years old)
Tall fawn bitch with white markings. Lovely feminine head with dark eyes, correct expression, nice lip to lip placement, well marked chin, good shoulder placement, good and fore chest, short straight back and excellent tail set, good front angulation, very good rear angulation, moved well.

Golden Retriever:

Auldstone Karbon Clockmaker
(8 years old)
Lovely head with typical expression, excellent length of neck, very good shoulder placement, very good forechest, level top line, very good rear angulation, lovely free movement.

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