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Pets As Therapy launch Sponsor a volunteer campaign

At present over 100,000 people benefit every week from the service provided by Pets As Therapy in hospitals, hospices, residential/nursing homes, day care centres, special needs schools and many other establishments. Often working with health care professionals in Stroke re-habilitation, also with people who are clinically depressed and with children suffering from severe animal phobias. The benefits of this service to the community are enormous.

Pets As Therapy Chief Executive Maureen Hennis said "with approximately 3,400 registered PAT dogs and 90 PAT cats currently working in the community Pets As Therapy really does make minor miracles happen".

Supplying the service to the establishments costs the Pets As Therapy Charity £75 per volunteer per year. The volunteers themselves kindly contribute £19 subscription leaving a shortfall of £56 per volunteer to find.

Pets As Therapy have launched a campaign to sponsor these volunteers. The campaign was the idea of Norman Ziman the Chairman of the Board of Pets As Therapy directors who was present when Pedigree became the first company to sponsor volunteers at Crufts.

Any individual or company can join the campaign. "Your sponsorship will help a charity which benefits people of all ages and disabilities" said Maureen Hennis.

For further details please contact Pets As Therapy, 3A Grange Farm Cottages, Wycombe Road, Saunderton, Princes Risborough, Bucks. HP27 9NS. Telephone 01844-345445 or email

To see Pets As Therapy in action go to the website on the home page scroll to the ‘Media’ box, then click ‘film’.