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The Kennel Club Annual Report 2006/07
The Kennel Club Training Board

The work of the Training Board continues to support the key objective of ‘encouraging the development of all those concerned with dogs through education and training’.

The Training Board sets and maintains standards for education, and has set clear criteria for Accreditation/Re-Accreditation of Accredited Trainers (Show). The majority of these trainers have passed through the first phase of this process and will complete the second phase during 2007.
Conformation and Movement Seminars have seen an increase in demand from both Breed Clubs and Canine Societies. Five Regional Show Management Seminars have been hosted by a variety of canine societies in the North of England.

The Judges Development Programme continues to deliver quality education opportunities to enhance the knowledge of established judges.

New seminar development under way includes ‘Managing a Dog Society’ based on the Kennel Club Manual for Registered Societies/Clubs and a Chairman and Secretary Seminar.

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