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Obituary - Ch Zottel’s You Don’t Fool Me

I’m sad to record the early death of ‘Lionel’ at just eight and a half years old, probably one of the most famous bobtails ever with his win at Crufts 2002, when he won the pastoral group for the first time ever for our breed, writes Barrie Croft

I first saw him at five months and said at the time he would go on to win BIS at the highest level. Not only was he superbly made but he had that something extra the wow factor and within minutes of him taking his first BIS at Bournemouth 2001 under Geoff Corish, Christina rang to say I was right!

It didn’t stop there, he went on to be top dog all breeds in 2002 and number two all breeds in 2001. At all breeds ch show he won 5 BIS and 7 res BIS. Twenty three ch show group wins and a total of 48 CCs. He also made his presense felt in Europe with a In, Ned, Lux and world winner 2002 titles, also several BIS. He sired around 12 champions worldwide including UK champions Ch Zottel Zero Tolerance at Malcro, Ch Zottel Zeta Catherine, Ch Zottel Encore and Ch Pockerthall Buckle My Shoe.

A truly great bobtail with a temperament to match his good looks. Our thoughts and best wishes go to Christina & Leon Bailey at this very sad time.