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Bournehouse beat the record

ShCh Bornehouse Royal Colours
Photo by William Moores

The English Setter Sh Ch Bournehouse Royal Colours took over as the CC breed record holder when he gained his 46th CC at the English Setter Society of Scotland show, writes Val Isherwood. Top honours came quickly to this dog and he gained RBIS at Crufts 2004. His latest achievement means he has taken the title from Sh Ch Starlight Express of Valsett. Bonnie, as she was known, was owned by Joe and Val Watkin and also did exceedingly well at Crufts, having gained BIS there in 1988.

Congratulations go to his owners, Gordon and Penny Williams who bred ‘Rosco’. This tri dog, is descended from a long line of Show Champions, not forgetting another Crufts BIS winner, Bournehouse Dancing Master. In Rosco’s litter there is also his brother, the blue belton Sh Ch Bournehouse Royal Quest, who was the first of the two to gain his title. Their dam was the famous Sh Ch Bournehouse Razzle Dazzle, a bitch that made a strong mark on the show scene.
What is good for the English Setter breed is that he is stamping his quality and the dog line up in Scotland contained three of his protégé. The BCC, Sh Ch Mariglen Flaming Colours was also sired by him, as were two more in the line-up. His granddaughters took three more classes.

English Setter numbers have reduced during the last few years but let us hope that with their success will come further interest in the breed.