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CCs? No thanks says GSD club

The Norfolk GSD Club has decided to surrender its CC status. In a letter to the Kennel Club they give a variety of reasons - finance, falling entries and lack of help and support.

Norfolk’s secretary courteously also informed the Breed Council which enabled Sheila Rankin, on behalf of the Breed Council, to contact the KC immediately to ask that the Norfolk CCs should not be ‘lost’. no Breed Club CCs have been lost since the rotation of CC began several years ago, even if a club no longer wanted them. When Wigan GSD Club turned in their CCs a couple of years ago the Breed Council also asked that they should go to the Heads of Valley GSD Club which they did.

Later the Southern GSD Club and then the Iceni gave up their CC status their CCs ‘went in the pot’ and some clubs will, if approved by the KC, benefit from having an extra set.

Norfolk’s surrendered tickets coincide with a request from the Bristol GSD Club to have their CC status be returned to them so it is hoped that Norfolk’s tickets will not be lost to the breed.
OUR DOGS contacted the Kennel Club with regard to this and a spokesman said that a full statement would be issued in due course.