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First undocked Dobermann qualifies for Crufts

Undocked Dobermann

A DOBERMANN with a tail has qualified for Crufts and may be something of a trailblazer for other undocked dogs of its breed.

Brown and rust bitch Aritaur Unique – pet name ‘Mara’ - bred by Jay and Martin Horgan (Aritaur) was born on February 5th, two months before the ban on tail docking for non-working dogs as enshrined in the Animal Welfare Bill came into effect. However, Mara’s soon-to-be-owner Dorothy Tomlinson from… is opposed to tail docking and was simply looking for a pet Dobermann. She asked Jay and Martin not to dock Mara with the rest of her litter and they were happy to comply. But as Mara grew older, it became aware that not only was she a very friendly dog with a large personality, she was also a potentially good show dog.

‘Just before I got her when she was old enough, Jay almost begged me to show her,’ Dorothy says with a smile. ‘I have problems with my knee, so I wasn’t up to showing her myself, so I said to Jay I’d be happy for her to be shown if Jay could do the showing – and she was only too pleased to accept.’

Jay told OUR DOGS: ‘I was delighted when Dorothy said she’d be happy for Mara to be shown, because even at the age of two weeks, she stood out from her litter mates as one of those dogs with the bets temperament and the most extrovert nature. She’d come running across to me every time I looked in the puppy pen, her little tail wagging madly. And when she was first shown, she took to it like a duck to water, she’s a fantastic show dog and obviously, having a tail, she’s drawn a lot of comments.’

One of the biggest fears expressed by breeders of formerly docked breeds is that hitherto unseen congenital tail defects may come to light in undocked dogs born after the ban, which took effect on April 6th 2007. Thankfully, however, in Mara’s case there are no such fears – she has a perfectly shaped, thick, strong tail – which is much given to wagging!

‘We were delighted with her tail,’ added Jay. ‘It’s a wonderful shape and shows no signs of causing her any problems.I’ve campaigned as hard as any other breeder against a tail docking ban, but now that it’s here, I tend to take the view, it’s happened, work with it’. If all the other pups we have born have tails as good as Mara’s, then we’ll be perfectly happy.’

Mara qualified for Crufts by being placed 2nd out of 22 in Minor Puppy Bitch at the Birmingham Dobermann Club Championship Show on October 21st. She is due to be shown again this weekend at the Midland Dobermann Club Championship Show and then next month at LKA.
She was bred out of sire Aritaur Nominator and dam CH Aritaur A Little More Soba.