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Euro MP backs dog fight ban motion

A BRITISH MEP is backing a European Parliament campaign to stamp out dog fighting.
Berkshire Lib Dem MEP Sharon Bowles signed the European Parliament Written Declaration to stamp out the blood sport following the recent BBC expose of dog fighting in Europe, including the UK.

Earlier this year, a local newspaper featured a couple who claimed their American Bulldog was stolen by a dog fighting gang in Slough.

Last month, several Birmingham men were jailed for staging a dog fight in which one animal was killed and the other later died.

There have been several cases of fighting dogs attacking people, sometimes with fatal consequences. Ms Bowles said: ‘Dog fighting is barbaric and devoid of any aspect of legitimate sport.

‘Current provisions are clearly not working. We need to send a clear message that there are serious consequences for taking part in something as appalling as dog fighting.

‘A co-ordinated approach is essential to ensure an end to the practice and to place a greater responsibility on dog keepers.’