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Fireworks wreck Pat dog’s career

A DOG owner is calling for the public sale of fireworks to be banned after her pet was traumatised by a firework which had been thrown into her garden. Sue Tate moved to Corby, Northants in June last year with her working dog Teddy. Teddy, a Cairn Terrier, had spent most of his life working as a Pets As Therapy dog, working in hospitals, schools and hospices. However, his working days were cut short when, in the run up to Bonfire Night last year, someone threw a firework into her garden in Larch Road.

Mrs Tate said: ‘It was awful. One afternoon Teddy was in the garden and I just heard a horrendous bang. A firework had been thrown over the fence and exploded. Teddy came running into the house and slid across the floor. He hit is leg on the table and broke the joint.’

Teddy spent two days at a veterinary surgery recovering and needed an operation to fit a plastic knee joint.

The surgeon advised that because of the operation it would not be suitable for Teddy to work to the same extent he had in the past.

Mrs Tate said: ‘He loved working with children. I feel very sad about what’s happened. We had built up a good rapport with a lot of people over the years who he can’t work with now. People would wait to see Teddy, he always made them laugh.’

Mrs Tate said that fireworks should not be sold to members of the public. She said: ‘I don’t mind large displays – at least people know when and where the explosions are going to happen and can prepare their pets.

‘I have been campaigning against fireworks ever since this happened. If they were only sold to restricted venues there would not be a problem.’