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Healthy Liquid Boost For Your Puppy

Following the successful launch of Top Life Formula milk for Dogs, Delamere Dairy Ltd has introduced two new additions to its pet milk range – Top Life Formula for puppies and kittens.
Top Life Formula milk for puppies is specially formulated from highly digestible pure goats’ milk with added cream to make it as close as possible to the natural composition of the mother’s milk. The milk is highly nutritious with added vitamins and minerals to maintain your puppy’s health.
Top Life Formula puppy milk has been formulated to include Vitamin C and Vitamin E to support the immune system – vital during the early days while your pets are susceptible to infections and during their vaccination period.

Roger Sutton from Delamere Dairy, whose creativity sparked the development of the Top Life range commented, “Using goats’ milk was a logical solution to finding a nutritious base for the formula. Breeders have been successfully feeding their dogs and puppies with goats’ milk for generations as it is so digestible.”

The extensions to the range follow the introduction of Top Life Formula for Dogs, an ambient goats’ milk fortified with chondroitin, glucosamine and green tea extract to encourage healthy joints and bones, good circulation and general well-being.

Top Life Formula milk for can be fed as often as the pet desires either on their own to help with weaning and lapping or mixed with solid food.

Top Life Formula milk for dogs, puppies and kittens is available in selected Asda, Tesco and Morrisons (dog milk only) stores in 200ml cartons with a recommended retail price of 58p.

Delamere Dairy, which began in 1985 with just three goats, is now the UK’s leading goat’s milk products supplier and exports around the world. From its origins of supplying just goat’s milk, Delamere now offers whole, semi-skimmed and UHT goat’s milk, goat’s cream, chocolate goat’s milk, a delicious goat’s butter; plain and fruited goat’s yogurts; and a range of goat’s cheeses including a hard cheese, a feta-style cubed cheese, and a spreadable cheese.

Delamere Dairy picked up four awards in 2005 with its new Distinctively Delamere mature goats cheese, including three at the Nantwich Cheese show and one at the World Cheese Awards in London.


1. Top Life Formula Puppy Milk has been formulated to include which two vitamins?

2. What year was Delamere Dairy founded?

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