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Firework causes dog’s heart attack

A FAMILY has been left devastated after an exploding firework killed their dog.

The Easton family say the eruption from the banger frightened their greyhound Jony so much she died of a heart attack.

What makes the situation even worse for the family is that the incident happened three months before Bonfire Night. Jony was being taken for an evening walk on Sunday, August 19, when a loud explosion terrified the poor canine who rushed off, dragging owner Sandra off her feet.
Sandra eventually managed to get the dog back to her house in Glen Arroch, St Leonards, East Kilbride. However, nine-year-old Jony had still not covered from the shock and began to take a fit before dying of a heart attack. Sandra’s daughter Lorraine Easton, 35, from Glen More, St Leonards, was in no doubt as to the cause of the dog’s death.

She said: ‘My mum had been over visiting me and had just left with Jony to walk the short distance home at about 9.30pm. Quite soon after I heard a huge explosion — and that’s the only way to describe it. It was not like a normal firework.

‘I got a fright in the house so Jony must have been petrified. My mum told me Jony nearly leapt out of her skin and dragged her off her feet, causing her to cut her knee and bruise her chest. When she got home Jony took a fit and died. There’s no doubt the firework caused it.’ Lorraine was disgusted with whoever set the banger off and believes fireworks should be banned, with the exception of certain celebrations.

She said: ‘It wasn’t someone having a firework display, it was obviously just kids who had got their hands on these fireworks. They were being set-off all over St Leonards that night and we could still hear them at 11.30pm.’

Lorraine continued: ‘You should only be able to set fireworks off on November 5, Christmas or New Year.

‘It’s bad enough for pets at anytime of the year but at least when you know they are going to be set off you can turn up the TV. When they are being fired at random times there is nothing you can do to stop your pet being scared to death.

‘I just hope the person responsible reads what happened and feels guilty about causing the death of a loving family pet.’