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Petlog’s new scheme launched at Discover Dogs

Petlog’s new scheme, Petlog Premium Partner Programme, will be launched at this year’s Discover Dogs, held on the 10th & 11th November at Earls Court, London.

The Petlog Premium Partner Programme (PPPP) has been designed by Petlog to establish a larger network of authorised agents, such as vets and microchip implanters, who can be easily contacted if a pet goes missing. An alert will then be emailed to the agent informing them of any lost pets within a 30 mile radius of their premises.

Petlog Premium designed the 30 mile lost pet alert so that if the unthinkable happens and your pet goes missing, you stand the best possible chance of having it safely returned.

Petlog Premium, launched at Crufts 2007, offers pet owners the chance to update their records for the lifetime of any pet for a one-off fee. This ensures that owners can have complete control of their records and change them at any time without incurring additional charges. By being a Petlog Premium Partner agents ensure they are giving lost pets the best possible chance of being returned safely to their owners.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “Petlog’s aim has always been to reunite as many people as possible with their lost pets. A scheme like Petlog Premium Partner is a great way of making sure we are being as effective as possible. We urge all vet practices and other agents to sign up to the scheme and help us offer the best possible service to the pet owning public.
“Discover Dogs is a great place to launch this initiative as the event highlights the importance of responsible dog ownership. Microchipping is a big part of this and we hope that all vets, rescue centres, dog wardens, and microchip implanters will sign up to this scheme.”

Hosted by the Kennel Club, Discover Dogs is London’s biggest dog show. There will be numerous activities and events over the weekend, with stands such as Petlog on hand to offer any advice or support to the public.

For further information on Petlog or to join the scheme please visit or for information about Discover Dogs go to