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Police dog unit closure plans slammed

NEWS THAT one of the UK’s biggest Police Services - Greater Manchester Police service’s – plans to close its police dog units has met with surprise from Councillor Peter Evans, a former Cheshire Constabulary Police Officer.

Councillor Evans, currently Mayor of Rochdale, said his personal involvement with police dogs was a very good one and explained that they are excellent in open country as they are able to follow ‘crushed vegetation trails most efficiently’.

Councillor Evans also explained that conversely, the dogs can have problems in following a trail in built up areas however he gave examples of how dogs had hepled effect arrests that would otherwise not have been made:

He said: ‘I recall several incidents where police dogs have been a great advantage. In one case, the top Manchester gangland driver was seen driving through Hyde and a long chase started around 10.40pm and finished about 4am in Bredbury - caught by a police dog in open country.
‘Dogs are a great sobering influence when there is a threat of civil disobedience.

‘I believe the loss of police dogs is more down to a funding shortage than anything else. GMP are still, I believe, the sixth worst funded police force in the UK. We are set to lose more officers again if present expectations for funding are realised next year.’