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The judge’s report Royal Canin SuperPup ‘07

I was very pleased to be invited to judge Royal Canin SuperPup 2007. It was a great night for me and something that I will remember for a long time. I was very happy to see so many high quality puppies at this very well organized event. We have nothing like this for puppies in Sweden, which made it even more exciting for me.

My final winner was the lovely Bull Terrier Wengormick Look N Learn At Fourheatons Grandopera from Yorkshire Bull Terrier Club, owned by Miss Clark. A stunning bitch with an absolutely beautiful head and expression - she had it all for my taste. The Bull Terrier’s young handler, who did a very nice job, had some problems with this lively puppy on the move but I could still see there was great potential. She stood super all the time and was in gleaming condition. A true champion in my eyes!

The runner up was a cute-as-can-be Wire Hair Dachshund. Ritterburg La Traviata At Mamutik, from Hull & East Riding Canine Society owned by Mr & Mrs J Heffernan, stood perfectly at all times and moved superbly. What a girl this one is, I could easily have taken her home with me.
A few of my short listed dogs, the Deerhound Romanie Rye At Greyhawks, the Rhodesian Ridgeback Nyassa Daxx and the Pomeranian Parapom Past Midnight, could just as easily have been my winner, so the competition was tough to say the least.

My plate winner, the Italian Spinone Riccini Luciano from Hartlepool & District Canine Society owned by Mr & Mrs Day & MrsWittingham, was unfortunate to meet the Bull Terrier in the first round. I just loved this beautifully built boy. Oozes Spinone in every detail.

Unfortunately I had a couple of quality exhibits that had bad mouths, which was a disappointment when my eye really took a liking to these dogs. I was impressed by the over all quality of the dogs and I think many of these puppies will do very well in the future. I wish you all good luck!

Sofie Lönn